Executive Branch Members

Alia Baig
Student Body President

Hello! My name is Alia Baig and I serve as the President of Undergraduate Student Government. I am a senior majoring in Philosophy, have a minor in Spanish and am on the pre-law track. As USG President, I manage the three committees of the Executive Branch which are the Campus Dining Experience Committee, Diversity Committee, and the Mental Health Task Force. Additionally, I am a member of Faculty Senate, University Council Executive Committee, and the Institutional Advancement Committee. The work I do in USG is centered around the YouAkron platform that myself and Vice President Cam Feezel developed. We are pushing forward projects and initiatives aligned with YouAkron to ensure that all UA students have an amazing experience.

Cam Feezel
Student Body Vice President

Hey Zips! My name is Cam Feezel, and I am a junior majoring in Financial Management. I am the Vice President in Undergraduate Student Government, I am also serving as a representative on the University Council, Faculty Senate, and the UC Student Engagement and Success Committee. I am passionate about improving the student experience through the YouAkron platform and developing an environment around USG that welcomes all student voices. Outside of USG, I am also the Treasurer of UA Investment Club and I work in the College of Business as a Student Software Developer.

Lily Coss
Chief of Staff

Hi Zips! I'm Lily Coss, a senior in Mechanical Engineering and the USG Chief of Staff. I previously served as an Executive Project Manager in USG last year and am excited to work in the organization and represent UA’s student body again this year. Also at UA, I am involved in Tau Beta Pi (an engineering honorary) as the President and serve as Secretary for Engineering Student Council. Outside of the University of Akron, I am involved in an organization called National Association of Engineering Student Councils, serving as the Executive Vice President. I really love being involved on-campus and am super excited for the coming year! After graduation, I will be joining the Operations Management Development Program (OMDP) with GE HealthCare focusing on supply chain and continuous improvement in manufacturing.

Lydia Lungu
Director of Finance

Hi! My name is Lydia Lungu, and I am a junior here at UA studying Supply Chain/Operations Management with a minor in International Business, on the Pre-Law track. This is my 2nd year in USG, and I currently serve as the Director of Finance for USG and sit on the Budget and Finance Committee for the University Council. I am also a member of the Directional Leadership Team of USG. On campus, I am an editor and writer for the University paper, the Buchtelite. I am also a member of Pre-Law Society and Campus Focus. Outside of school, I work as a law clerk for an Akron-based private practice attorney. I love reading, traveling and exploring new places, hiking, and spending time with friends. Feel free to reach out to me about all things finance, or anything about UA life in general! Go Zips! 

Bryanne Webster
Executive Project Manager
Bryanne Webster is a Junor majoring in Art Education. She serves as an Executive Project Manager for USG as well as works Community Assistant and a Student Artist for the Department of Residence Life and Housing. 
Ijeoma Anarado
Executive Project Manager
Hello my name is Ijeoma! I'm a junior here at Akron majoring in social work. My position in USG is executive project manager. Around campus I spend a some of my time at the rec center working as a supervisor for intramural sports. Outside of classes and work I like to read, write, try new things, and spend time with family and friends. I'm excited and look forward to being a part of this organization this year!
Karima Damson
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
My name is Karima Damson. I am majoring in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Business Essentials for Engineers. I am the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I am the chair of the Diversity Committee. Outside of USG, I am the Vice President of the African Student Association and the Liaison of UA Latinos. I am also the member of the Barefeet Dance Tribe dance group. I am really excited to be working with USG again this year, and I hope that I can help improve the student experience on campus. 
Wyatt Cole
Director of Membership Development
Lauren Groen
Director of Events

My name is Lauren Groen and I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Science and double-minoring in Chemistry and Psychology on a pre-med track. I joined USG last fall as an Event Coordinator and am very excited to serve as Director of Events this year! On campus I am also involved in Phi Delta Epsilon, Neuroscience Club, the Williams Honors College, and undergraduate research. Feel free to reach out about anything! 

Elena Kozma
Director of Media and Analytics
I am a junior in the College of Business studying Marketing and Sales Management. Aside from USG, my involvements include serving as a Student Success Leader and Dean’s Team Member within the College of Business, and as Vice President of the American Marketing Association chapter at UA. 
Eli Strohecker
Director of Community and Campus Involvement

I am a 4th year Biomedical Engineering Student and also in the Williams Honors College. My past experiences in USG involve serving as a Senator-at-Large and Project Manager and have been a part of the Student Engagement Committee. I am the treasurer for the Environmental Action club and work on campus at Bierce Library. Outside of the University of Akron, I am a research intern at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Summa Health. 

Olivia Lane
Deputy Chief of Staff
Isabella Ackerman
Deputy Director of Finance

Hi Zips! My name is Bella Ackerman, I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Sciences on the pre-medical pathway. I serve in USG as the Deputy Director of Finance and am also a member of Phi Delta Epsilon (a pre-medical fraternity) and the Honors College. Outside of school I work at a community health center and volunteer regularly. Akron is my hometown, and I am passionate about giving back to the community that has given me so much!

Makayla Minard
Deputy Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
My name is Makayla Minard, and I am a Junior double majoring in Psychology and English. I serve as Undergraduate Student Government’s Deputy Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Outside of USG, I am Vice President of the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, Activities Chair and Diversity Co-Chair of Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society, Peer Mentor in the Office of Multicultural Development, a Research Assistant, and a member of the Williams Honors College and the UA Women’s Club Volleyball team. Off campus, I am a Purposely Chosen Teen Program Facilitator for Limitless Ambition, and work as a psychiatric technician at my local hospital. My passion for mental health and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has motivated me to join USG. I am excited to see what the academic year brings, and can’t wait to get to work! 
Katelee Mata
Deputy Director of Community and Campus Involvement

My name is Katelee Mata, and I am a 4th-year student graduating in the spring. I am pursuing my bachelor's degree in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology. This marks my first year in USG, where I serve as Deputy Director of Community and Campus Involvement, and a member of Diversity Committee and Campus Dining Experience. Beyond USG, I hold the positions of President of UA Latinos, Vice President of the Sociology Club, student ambassador for the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences, and student assistant at the Clinic for Individual and Family Counseling. Off-campus, I am a Purposely Chosen Teen Program Facilitator for Limitless Ambition. My dream career is starting an organization dedicated to uplifting its community, which USG has played such an instrumental role in by improving my professional readiness and by helping me connect with the city of Akron and UA's students. 

Bethel Tsige
Project Manager
Bethel Tsige is a junior Chemical Engineering student with a minor in Polymer Science & Engineering. She is currently President of the Society of Women Engineers, Project Manager of the Undergraduate Student Government, Bierce Library Student Assistant, and a member of the African Student Association. She is also involved in an off-campus dance crew called Phoenix and is an undergraduate research assistant on-campus. Her determination and desire to be involved on-campus has brought her to USG. She is ecstatic for the year ahead and cannot wait to contribute for the undergraduate class!   
Brian Nguyen
Project Manager
My name is Brian Nguyen and I am a 4th year Biomedical Engineer serving as a Project Manager for USG. This is my first year with USG but I've spent many years serving in a variety of different Organizations. I've been with New Student Orientation, Sigma Lambda, Emerging Leaders, Hall Government, and Williams Honors Dean's Team. I've also been a part of Biomedical Engineering Society, a New Roo Weekend Leader, and I'm on the Biomedical Design Team. 
Preschecca Ragavan
Project Manager
Hey Zips! My name is Preshecca Ragavan and I am a Project Manager in USG. I'm a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Science and minoring in Sociology on the Pre-Med track. Outside of USG, I am an OChem and Physics LA, Co-President of HOSA, Officer of MAPS & Hindu Youth Council, and a member of Phi Delta Epsilon. I'm also the founder of a nonprofit, BioPower, and a small business, Music Generation. When I'm not in class, I volunteer in Summa Health's Emergency Room, golf, sing, dance, and hang out with my friends. I've done student government for 7 years in middle school and high school and I loved being involved in student government so I'm thrilled to continue this passion at UA too!  I'm very passionate about healthcare/wellness and making a difference on campus. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to combine these passions through USG to execute projects which will promote physical and mental wellness in the UA student body.   
Lana Tamin
Project Manager

My name is Lana Tamim and I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I am a project manager in student government and also involved in the Muslim Student Association, Engineering Student Council, and Association of Computing and Machinery on campus. 

Maeve Goble
Event Coordinator
Maeve Goble is a senior majoring in Communications and currently serves as a USG Event Coordinator She is also a BCAS Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor in The Office of Multicultural Development and Peer Tutor in The Office of Academic Retention and Support. 
AJ Stewart
Event Coordinator
Hey everyone! My name is AJ Stewart, I am going into my Junior year here at the University of Akron, and I am majoring in Criminal Intelligence Analysis! Besides my involvement with USG, I am involved in Residence Life and Housing as the Student Coordinator of Ritchie/Sisler-McFawn and as the President of the National Residence Hall Honorary! Besides that, I am a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) honorary, a Forefront mentor, an ambassador for the Buchtel College of Arts and Science, and I am also a part of the Williams Honors College! Outside of campus, I love hiking, running, and traveling to new places! The reason why I joined USG as an Event Coordinator is because I wanted to create fun and inclusive events for every single student here at the University of Akron that allow everyone to enjoy their time, get the chance to make new life-long friends, and also just bringing students together on campus! 
Maggie Mahaney
Event Coordinator
My name is Maggie Mahaney and I am a second year Environmental Science major. I am involved in Undergraduate Student Government as an Event Coordinator. Aside from USG, I am the secretary of Geoscience Club, a member of Akron's chapter of Association for Women Geoscientists, and a student assistant for the Institute for Human Science and Culture. 
Julia Stratton
Social Media Curator
Hi! My name is Julia Stratton, and I am one of the Social Media Curators for USG. I am a first year Music Education major and an Honors Student. Aside from USG, I am involved in Akron's branch of the Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association (OCMEA) and the Northeast Ohio Double Reed Association (NEODRA), and I am also the Social Media Chair for Elevate Honors Service Club. As a music student, I play in multiple ensembles here on campus, including Bassoon-A-Roo, Symphony Band, and "Ohio's Pride" Marching Band. When I have free time, you can usually see me practicing, relaxing in my dorm, or hanging out with friends. I am excited to learn new skills and grow old ones during my time with USG!
Nathan Flint
Social Media Curator

I am a Criminal Intelligence Analysis major in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences and I am currently one of the Social Media Curators within the Undergraduate Student Government. Outside of USG, I am active as a Club Officer with Zips Esports, as well as a shoutcaster for collegiate esports where time permits.

Irene Garcia Cruz
Social Media Curator
My name is Irene Garcia Cruz. I’m a Junior with a major in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. In May of 2022, I graduated from Akron Early College High School with my Honors High School Diploma and my Associate Degree from the University of Akron. At USG, I am one of the Social Media Curators and the Social Media Liaison. Additionally, I am a member of the Women in Business and the American Marketing Association. I strive to get involved with various organizations to learn and grow my skill set through creative opportunities. I’m excited to combine my skills with an incredible team that is dedicated to providing an enriching and long lasting experience for all students! 
Evan Wilson
Student Athlete Liaison

Hey Zips. My name is Evan Wilson, and I am the student athlete liaison for USG. I am a junior majoring in Sports Business. My responsibility within USG is to help student athletes voices be heard, and help them have the most enjoyable time in the classroom and in the social world of college possible. Having this position means a lot to me because I get to represent the voice of 400+ athletes, and get to help athletes have the best college experience they can have. On top of USG, I am on the University of Akron Men's basketball team, I am a member of the Sports Analytics and Sports Business (SABA) club, and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). I have thoroughly enjoyed my time thus far as an Akron Zip, and I hope to have many other student athletes feel the same. Outside of school and practice, I love to golf, attend concerts, workout, spend time with friends, and simply be on my feet! 

Jose Garcia Barahona
Greek Life Liaison

Hello everyone! My name is Jose and I'm a 5th year Electrical Engineering major here at UA. This year I was appointed to serve as a Greek Life Liaison for USG. Some of my other involvements include Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), the International Student Organization, UA Social Media, and more. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Greek Life or just want to get to know more about us! 

Bhumi Patel
Greek Life Liaison

Hi, my name is Bhumi Patel and I am a junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Chemistry and Art History. I am currently the Greek Liaison for USG and look forward to serving both of these amazing communities. Outside of USG, I am a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and work at the Museum of Psychology!