USG Platform


Throughout our experiences within the Undergraduate Student Government and at UA, both President Alia Baig and Vice President Cam Feezel have aimed to represent your thoughts, initiatives, and desires for change to the best of our ability. The YouAkron platform brings you, the students of the University of Akron, the forefront of USG’s Mission. We believe that in focusing on our students, we will be able to foster an administration focused on community, growth, and respect.

Elevating Campus Experience

  • Improving the Dining Experience
  • Supporting Campus Sustainability Efforts
  • Share Students’ Experiences

Encouraging Student Excellence

  • Fostering Connections Between Students and their Departments
  • Enhancing Internship and Co-op Opportunities

Developing a Lasting Community

  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in all area of campus
  • Strengthening Zips Pride
  • Building connections between Downtown Akron and the UA Community