Judicial Branch Members

Malaki Fleming
Chief Justice
Hi Zips! My name is Malaki Fleming, and I have the honor of representing the Undergraduate student body as the Chief Justice of the Judicial Branch. Within USG, while also serving on the Judicial Branch, I am a member of the Physical Facilities University Committee and the Campus Dining Experience (CDE) committee. I am a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor's in Middle Childhood Education with a focus on English Language Arts and Social Studies. Outside of USG, I also serve as the Undergraduate Fellow for the H.K. Barker Center located on the fourth floor of Zook. While I am extensively involved across campus, representing students in USG is one of my favorite roles and avenues for advocacy. Please don't hesitate to say hi if you see me around campus, and feel free to email me if you ever want more information about USG or have any concerns or questions. 
Emma Barna
Executive Justice

Hello! My name is Emma Barna, and I am a second year biomedical engineering major with a minor in Spanish. I am currently serving USG as the Executive Justice of the Judicial Branch. Besides my involvement with USG, I am a manager at Dairy Queen (big ice cream fan). Additionally, I am starting to work in a BME research lab on campus.   

Gwen Bushen
Associate Justice
Christina Dager
Associate Justice
Mia Papatonis
Associate Justice

Hello! I'm Mia Papatonis and I'm a freshman at UA. I'm currently enrolled in the Emerging Leaders program on campus. My major is Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. This is my first year in USG and I'm lucky to be serving as an Associate Justice. Talk to me if you like vinyls, animals, and plants. My goal in USG is to promote recycling and listen to the need and wants of the student body. I plan on continuing my work in USG until I graduate. Let's go Zips!

Madi Shaw
Associate Justice

Hello!! My name is Madi Shaw, and I am a freshman majoring in Political Science with a minor in Pre-Law Philosophy. I am so excited to join USG this year as an Associate Justice. I aim to help advocate for students, creating an enjoyable, friendly, and fair environment for everyone at UA. I love to listen to music, spending time outside, and watching sports, especially basketball. I also love meeting new people, so if you see me on campus, don't be afraid to say hi! Go Zips!! 

Sam Stillion
Associate Justice

My name is Samuel Stillion. I am pursuing a dual degree in Criminal Intelligence Analysis and Political Science; National Security, as well as minors in Pre-Law Philosophy and Creative Writing. I am currently serving as an Associate Justice. Outside USG I am a member of the Pre-Law Society and LGBTUA. I also work at the Bierce Library Service Desk so feel free to stop by!