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Information IconTired of seeing tools on your Course Navigation bar that you don’t use? Interested in adding new tools to that Navbar? Look no further than our new guide for instructors on How to Edit the Course Navigation Bar:

Additional instructor and student guides can be found on the Springboard Resources page:

After working extensively with Desire2Learn, we have identified and corrected the issue with combined courses also appearing individually. The cause of the problem was a setting in the PeopleSoft integration process that was configured incorrectly.

If you continue to see any of your combined courses listed individually on your Springboard homepage, please contact the ZipSupport Center at 330.972.6888 or by email at Thank you for your patience!

Several instructors have reported that combined courses in Springboard are now also displaying individually on their Springboard homepage. We are currently working with Desire2Learn to determine the cause of the issue and correct it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note: If the individual course sections were active before they were combined, they are now active and visible to students. We strongly recommend that you deactivate the individual sections to prevent confusion.