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Exporting Grades There are many occasions when you might want to Export Grades from your online classroom.  At the very least, you should export a copy from each of your courses at the end of the semester. This will provide an independent archive of your students’ grades. Some colleges and departments even require a hard copy for their records (which can be printed from the exported file).

If this is the only set of grades you are recording for your students, it might be a good idea to save the grades to a file periodically throughout the semester as well. While the system is stable, and courses are backed up on a daily basis, it never hurts to have a copy of the points you have awarded for the various activities.  On a few occasions, an instructor (or a GA) has accidentally deleted some of the grades.  It was helpful to have a copy of them to restore the lost data to the course.

For information on the “how to” of Exporting Grades, click here.  Locate the “End of Semester: Checklist”.  You will find step-by-step instructions on exporting grades starting on page 3 of this document.

Please note that names are not in alphabetical order (neither by first nor last names) when exported.

Regards,  Dr. Jill

Jonnie “Jill” Phipps, Ph.D.

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GraderWell, look no further!

Here are three PDF files that will assist you with structuring the Grades Tool in Springboard!

Utilizing the Grades Wizard

Creating Grade Items in the Grades Tool

Enter Grades in the Grades Tool

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