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Before students are overwhelmed with project deadlines and final exams, take a few minutes to ask for their input.  This is a great time in the semester to query your students with a survey regarding your online classroom.  Solicit feedback about the various aspects of the course and tools you have implemented:

  • How was the pace? (on a scale from too slow to too fast)
  • Were there adequate materials provided within the various modules?
  • Did the Discussions add to the learning process?
  • Suggestions for Improvement. (Essay)

The Survey tool shares the Question Library with the Quizzes tool, thus providing several options for types of questions that can be asked.  This includes the traditional True/False, Multiple Choice and Essays type questions.  However, you can also include Ordering, Multiple Select, and Likert questions as well. In fact, the Survey tool is the only place you can use the Likert question type.  It allows you to select the scale from the following options:

Likert scale

Results can be set so they are anonymous, and you can use the feedback when refining your online materials for the next semester.

For information on the “how to” of creating Likert questions and Surveys, click here.

For information on the “how to” of creating other types of questions, click here.

Good Luck and Happy Surveying,   Dr. Jill

Jonnie “Jill” Phipps, Ph.D.

Curriculum Designer