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Quizzes and tests in Springboard require advanced browser functionality that may not be possible or supported on your mobile phone or tablet.  You must complete critical graded activities such as quizzes, tests, exams, and dropbox submissions on a computer using a standard, supported browser.  For best results, we recommend that you complete a system check before you begin any quiz, test, or exam.

Instructional Services congratulates the faculty colleagues who completed the “Quality Matters in Online Course Design” workshop.
The next cohort is now forming and will run February 7th through March 4th. Information during this professional development workshop focused on design of online courses using the Quality Matters standards and directions for registration are provided online. To join the next cohort, please contact Wendy Lampner at or Jacob Bane at

Welcome to Spring 2011! As we begin another semester, here are a few reminders:

Activate Your Course

Before students can access your course in Springboard, you must activate/open it.

  1. Open the course you want to activate.
  2. Select the ACTIVATE Course link.
  3. Select the ACTIVATE checkbox.
  4. Select the Save button.

Copy Components from one course to another

The Copy Course Components function allows you to reuse materials from an existing course. However, user data is NOT copied. Follow these steps to select and copy existing course components from one course to another. For best results, work through these steps in order.

Step 1: Access Copy Components

1. Open the target course where you want to add components. Critical note – this should be your EMPTY course.

2. Click the Edit Course link (far right of the Course NavBar).

3. Click the Import/Export/Copy Components link.

4. Select the Copy Course Components from Another Org Unit button.

5. Click Next.

Step 2: Choose Components to Copy

1. Choose Existing Offering to copy components from another course offering you’re enrolled in.

2. Select an offering from the list or click Search for offering to find the course offering using a pop-up window.

3. Springboard displays the list of components available.

4. Select the top checkbox to Copy all items from a given component/tool, or expand categories to select individual items to copy.

5. Click Next.

6. Verify your selections and click Next.

7. Springboard will display the copy progress. When it is complete, click Done.

Would you like to print these steps in more detail? View this Start of Semester checklist.

It’s a brand new year, and we have some exciting new changes for instructors in Springboard! As a result of our first Springboard Faculty Steering Committee meeting, two changes were approved –

1.      The listing of semesters in the My Courses widget has been reversed – the current semester will appear on top, while Ongoing and courses with no semester listed will appear on the bottom.

2.      The Course Offering Information page has been revamped – we’ve reworded some settings that were unclear, removed settings that were not needed by instructors, and moved more important settings to the top.

In addition to streamlining the Course Offering Information page, we have also created a link in the default course Navigation bar that makes it easier to reach! Instructors can simply click the ACTIVATE Course (Faculty Only) link in the navbar. Please note that if you have made any changes to the navbar in your course, the Activate link will not appear. However, you can still add the link to your navbar – when adding links, select Custom Links from the View By dropdown menu, and the Activate course link will appear in the list.