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Student8The first step in building community in your online classroom is to make your students feel comfortable in the online environment. Posting a Welcome message that explains where to start the navigation of this “website” will alleviate much anxiety, especially for first-time online students. Consider a Read Me First or Start Here link.

A brief overview stating the purpose the course provides clarity and focus. Information regarding pre-requite knowledge and minimum technical skills required to be successful in the course will allow the learner to assess their own preparedness. This could include such things as:

  • The ability to add and attachment to a discussion posting.
  • Capable of uploading files to the Dropbox.
  • Experience with creating PowerPoint presentations

Listing the various components within the course will help to provide an understanding how the learning process is structured. For example:

  • All assignments will be submitted via the Dropbox tool.
  • Due dates will be listed in the course Schedule.
  • Participation is required in each weekly Discussion topic, maximum possible points is 5 (see rubric).
  • Chapter quizzes will be available on Fridays after 6:00 pm and must be completed Mondays by 6:00 am.

A “tour” through the various tools that you will be using throughout the semester can also provide practice activities. This allows the learner to gain experience without the threat of affecting their grade in a negative manner.

Consider incorporating these ideas in your next online classroom, whether it is fully online, or simply web-enhanced. I think your students will find the information helpful.

Regards, Dr. Jill
Jonnie “Jill” Phipps, Ph.D.
Curriculum Designer