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You may have noticed a different look to the Classlist this fall. The Profile image is now displayed beside each name.  This feature should help foster communication and build the online community as it allows everyone to associate an image with each user’s name. If no image has been uploaded a default user icon is displayed.

Another new feature is the “Last Accessed” column. This displays the date and time of the user’s last entry into the current online classroom.

The Classlist can be used to Email or Page students and instructors alike. Simply checkmark the box to the left of those you would like to contact, and choose the related icon:   Email or Pager. You can communicate with everyone on a Tab by using the Email everyone on this tab option. The list can also be printed by clicking the Print Tab option. Individual users can be selected for use with the Print icon  .

The Classlist tool can be organized/displayed in numerous views. If your classroom has Groups or Sections, simply use the dropdown options on the “All” tab to choose the list you would like to see. It is also organized by the members’ role within the classroom. These categories can be viewed by clicking on the tabs with the corresponding role title (see image above).

Additional information is available via the Classlist.
• Students can view their own individual progress related to course activities by clicking on the Progress icon .  Instructors can use this tool to check the progress of any student enrolled.
• If a member has created a Homepage and activated it as being shared, a Homepage icon will appear and users can view it by clicking on this icon.
• Clicking the Blog icon will grant you access this system-wide tool. You can post to your own blog, or read other student’s comments. Warning – this is a SYSTEM tool which means any public posting you make can be accessed by anyone in the Springboard system.

Regards, Dr. Jill
Jonnie “Jill” Phipps, Ph.D.
Curriculum Designer