The Springboard team has created numerous sites for different groups that wanted to have their own online space to conduct their business and share resources. Here are a few examples:


  1. jsavery says:

    SAGE chose to utilize Springboard! for multiple reasons.

    The greatest reason was to offer members a great way to stay connected and informed in their multiple role lives.

    Today students are not only students, they are employee full time, parents, and involved in other co-curricular activities.

    Springboard! is an easy way for them to know what is going on without taking as much time it would to attend a meeting.

    Lisa N. Leiby
    Graduate Assistant Student and Staff Learning
    Department of Student Life
    The University of Akron
    330-972-2322 OFFICE
    330-972-2524 FAX

  2. jsavery says:

    We wanted to create a Springboard! site for our Residence Life Student Staff. The main people we wanted to cater to was our student staff of Resident Assistants, Senior Resident Assistants, and Desk Managers. There are approximately 85 student staff members holding those positions, and it is a rare opportunity to have everyone in the same place. That is why we chose Springboard! as an online gathering place for our community.

    There are many diverse aspects of Residence Life and Housing and I knew that Springboard! had many diverse uses so it would fit our needs quite well. We are creating chat rooms for each staff, and a general chat room for everyone where people can hop in throughout the day and chat with other RA’s across campus that they would usually not talk to. Since mostly everyone has at least one class on Springboard! we thought that a group entitled, “RLH World” would be a nice change of pace for our staff. We want RLH World to be a fun place where our staff can check in to see what’s going on with other staffs, and also a place where information is easily accessible.

    There are always many programs, whether they are social or educational going on, and Springboard! is a great tool to use in order to keep RA’s informed of what is coming up. We have RA’s already using the general discussion to ask around campus to see if other RA’s or residents would be interested in going to a Haunted House. We posted our top 10 RA’s who have earned the most community building points on staff, and plan on using Springboard! to do
    many more recognitions in the future. We have fun things like the October movie schedule under the content area. We are also going to put things like the Residence Hall Handbook, and incident report forms in the content area for RA’s to use while they are on rounds. There is an annual conference that our student staff attend and present at, and we of course have information for that on Springboard! as well.

    Lastly, Springboard! is a great tool to use to get in communication with large groups at once. Sending a mass email to the entire staff is quite easy with Springboard! and we will be using that tool a lot! Everytime we talk about Springboard!, we have come up with new ideas to use it for. We chose Springboard! to be our online community, and so far the sky is the limit.

    Thanks again!

    -Eric Heller

  3. jsavery says:

    I am happy to share our tremendous success we have had in the basic Corporate Finance course with various Springboard! applications.

    As you know I am the coordinator for all the sections of Corporate Finance 301 offered by our Department. We have a total of 11 sections throughout the year. One of our objectives is to insure each student receives and is responsible for the same amount of work and material. All students get the same problem assignments, take the same tests, have the same writing assignments and have access to the same materials and aids that are available. That would not be possible without Springboard!.

    This Fall semester we have 5 separate sections by “section” as well as one “all” section. It is the “all” section that allows us the ability to communicate across sections to all students at one time, whether it be assignments or clarifications to specific problems. As you know, our department offers a free tutor to our Corporate Finance students. It would be virtually impossible for our tutors to communicate specific instructions and assistance to over 300 students per semester on regular basis without Springboard!.

    As you know, we try and use as many features of Springboard! as possible. We also have found the “Discussion” feature is extremely helpful in letting students work together in a problem solving mode, while at the same time allowing us to monitor what is being said and find specific areas that need more work and instruction.

    As I have told you in the past, none of this would be as advanced without your personal assistance and the help of others in your department. Please extend our appreciation to all.

    Tom Costigan
    Department of Finance
    College of Business Administration