Exporting Grades There are many occasions when you might want to Export Grades from your online classroom.  At the very least, you should export a copy from each of your courses at the end of the semester. This will provide an independent archive of your students’ grades. Some colleges and departments even require a hard copy for their records (which can be printed from the exported file).

If this is the only set of grades you are recording for your students, it might be a good idea to save the grades to a file periodically throughout the semester as well. While the system is stable, and courses are backed up on a daily basis, it never hurts to have a copy of the points you have awarded for the various activities.  On a few occasions, an instructor (or a GA) has accidentally deleted some of the grades.  It was helpful to have a copy of them to restore the lost data to the course.

For information on the “how to” of Exporting Grades, click here.  Locate the “End of Semester: Checklist”.  You will find step-by-step instructions on exporting grades starting on page 3 of this document.

Please note that names are not in alphabetical order (neither by first nor last names) when exported.

Regards,  Dr. Jill

Jonnie “Jill” Phipps, Ph.D.

Curriculum Designer