The official “Course Offering Name” is displayed in the list of available courses and at the top of the classroom screen for both instructors and students.  By default, this contains the name and section number of the course.  Because the information is imported from PeopleSoft, the name is often truncated or some of the words may be abbreviated.   You can provide clarity by revising this information. Simply click on the Edit Course link in the upper right corner of your online classroom, and then select the top link Course Offering Information.

If you teach the same course for more than one semester, I also recommend that you include semester information at the end of the title. This allows you to confirm with a glance that you are in the correct classroom when adding or editing materials.  Trust me, it is easy, with today’s multi-tasking life style, to click on the classroom title to update materials and not realize it isn’t the current semester.   If you include the semester name at the end of your course names, it will always be displayed at the top of your screen when you are adding new files, editing News items, or updating assessments.


Once you make the desired changes, click the Save button.  The changes will take place, but will not display until you refresh the screen or re-enter the classroom.

Regards,  Dr. Jill

Jonnie “Jill” Phipps, Ph.D.

Curriculum Designer