For Fall 2010, we are excited to announce that we will be upgrading to Springboard Version 9 on August 18th. Version 9 will bring new and improved features including:

  • Improvements to the Navigation Bar, the Classlist, the Manage Files tool, and Rubrics.
  • A new Course Builder that will simplify tasks such as uploading files and adding pages to your course.
  • A new Manage Dates tool that will allow you to modify most Start and End dates in one easy step.

In order to install this upgrade, Springboard will be unavailable on August 18th. We will post more details here on the Springboard blog.


  1. Dave Witt says:

    One week before classes start and you guys are upgrading the system.

    I find that you’ve added some troublesome features – for example, at this point I am unable to change the navbars. Previously I could also refer to both internal and external links and maintain the springboard environment – that disappeared.

    Most heartwarming is that there is no contact button, so I have to resort to posting a comment here.

    Nice going.

  2. Wendy Lampner says:

    Thank you for sharing your concerns. I am sorry that you are experiencing frustrations with the upgrade. It certainly wasn’t our intention to cause frustration. We had actually believed many of the new features would save faculty considerable time and energy, especially our heavy users. So we didn’t want you to be required to wait until the holidays for the new version.

    Finding enough time to take the system down is always a challenge. Given that summer grades were submitted Tuesday, the upgrade was scheduled for Wednesday. For the most part, the system works as it did previously so we did not expect training to be required and we decided to move forward with the upgrade.

    We can help you revert links to a setting that remains inside Springboard. Basically, the entire D2L site has been redone to remove frames. Frame-based websites have been obsolete for quite a few years and newer browsers will not continue to work properly in the future with a frame-based site. In addition, frames cause considerable confusion for those using the site with a screen reader.

    The navbars – we can help you make changes to these. The new navbars have more functionality and are more customizable than the old ones. We believe the new approach seems more intuitive to a new user, but we do see that if you were used to the old method, the new approach is considerably changed. We are more than willing to help you make any changes you need and will provide step-by-step guides ( to assist.

    There is no contact button by default on the blog. For the most part, we would like to use this blog for interactive conversations with faculty around teaching and learning with Springboard. We do also use it as an alternative announcement area since we have been asked to keep the News inside Springboard as a smaller part of the screen. This also allows us to link to an announcement so you do not have to keep viewing it repeatedly as you do News. If an instructor needs help, we would like that to go into the support system so the request can be routed to the first available person who is able to assist. The user base has grown to the point where it is no longer humanly possible for one person to receive all support requests. In a single person support scenario, if the contact person is out of the office due to illness or vacation, etc. then we do not have any insight into what support is needed if messages accumulate in a private email or voicemail box. It is also difficult to track what issues were causing the greatest confusion and seek to provide longer term solutions.

    It is my hope that we can continue to improve our services to instructors. I appreciate any and all feedback and will do everything I can to help improve your experience. Please continue to share your experiences and concerns and we will work to find a solution.

  3. Ian D. MacKinnon says:

    Gosh, its so pretty now! I do appreciate the upgraded appearance, but then, here I am to write of a curious concern. Often when shifting through various tasks become a frenetic wave of activity there is a pause – “Saved Successfully” – and the feverish tempo is resumed. Now it’s soft and its pretty, but… I really do miss that date and time. You see, I forget things, and ask myself, “Did I save that?” And somehow that little (Wasn’t it in red lettering? See, I can’t remember.) prompt was really helpful. I know, you’re going to tell me to “Be more careful,” and “Take your time,” but… I would much rather the powers and principalities bend to my will. So, what do you say? Can I have my date and time back?