Many improvements can be found in the Manage Files area of  Springboard version 9. One of the more convenient features is that you can now copy an entire folder within the system. You can also copy and paste multiple files simultaneously into various folders. A drop down menu allows you to choose what action you would like to perform for any of the folders or files. If you select the Rename feature, the file or folder name can be edited “in place”. A more intuitive option for unzipping .ZIP files is now an available on its drop down menu.

Manage Files resized

A “Tree” of the contents is displayed to the left of the file structure and allows for easy navigation from one folder to another. The new WYSIWYG text editor provides the ability to edit HTML and TXT file within the system. I think you will find these time-saving improvements helpful as you work with your course files.


  1. Alex Lippisch says:

    This all sounds good. Is there a way to copy and transfer files from one’s locker to the Files section of a course?

  2. Linda Brown says:

    Copying from one section to another doesn’t seem to work on a Mac. It looks like it works but if you try to open the copied file it comes up as missing.

  3. Richard Parker says:

    I wish there was a way to do bulk hiding of grade items. Now, all you can do is hide them one-by-one.

  4. phipps says:

    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately, I am not aware of any way to “copy” materials from your Locker to the Manage Files area of your online classroom. These are two independent areas within the Springboard system. The Locker is a temporary storage area, while the Manage Files area is designed so each course would hold the files that will be linked for student access. Regards, Dr. Jill

  5. phipps says:

    Hi Richard,

    There is GOOD NEWS! You can indeed change the Date Range for which the Grade Items are visible in a very easy manner. The New Manage Dates tool allows you to select multiple Grade Items and change the Start and End Dates simutaneously. You may want to check the blog entry for this tool, but the interface is very user friendly and intuitive. There is also a link to the step-by-step guide for Manage Dates. Good luck, Dr. Jill

  6. phipps says:

    Hi Linda, I am sorry you encountered difficulty when copying files from one section to another. It is not uncommon to select only the “Content” option when deciding what to copy. This will copy the links into the Content area, but not the underlying files. When provided the option as to what you would like to copy, you must also select “Course Files” along with the “Content” option. If you look in the Manage Files area, and it is empty, then this is probably what happened. You can simply return to the Import/Export/Copy Components tool and select the Course Files now and copy them into the new classroom. Hope this helps, Dr. Jill