The Learning Object Repository or LOR allows instructors to quickly and efficiently create and share resources between courses on Springboard. This system will allow faculty to access information that they and other faculty have made available for use. Items such as quizzes, presentations, lectures, etc., can now be stored and shared among colleges or just among your own courses.

This system can save time and make content easier to manage and organize. The LOR is here to make your lives easier and your resources more accessible.
For more overview information regarding the LOR, click here.
For an in-depth look at the LOR and its features, click here.
Why not publish to the LOR today!
In future posts I will be looking at different aspects of the LOR, such as:
1. How faculty are already using the LOR.
2. How to publish to the LOR and cautions to consider.
3. How to retrieve information from the LOR.
4. How to update existing objects in the LOR.
5. Linking objects versus retrieving objects in the LOR.
6. What is Metadata and how it is helpful?
Jacob Bane
Graduate Assistant Design and Development Services