The new version of Springboard (D2L 9.2) is coming and is set to become active on May 11th, but it is already active on our test system! That means that you can try out the new features now and help us ensure that they are fully functional before the upgrade to our production environment. One of the many new features that will be available—which is available right now in the test environment—is an updated grading system.
The updated grading system for quizzes now allows you to grade one quiz question at a time. The new features also allow you to “blind grade” essay questions, questions can be weighted by points and these weight adjustments will be automatically calculated. Here are a few examples of ways you might use this functionality in your own courses:

  • Regrade a single question that a student or class has an issue or question about.
  • Grade essay responses without seeing the name of the writer.
  • True and false questions can be weighted by points differently then an essay response.

This can all be accomplished with the updates to the grading system. The new feature allowing you to grade by individual questions is pictured below.

Select the picture below to view a quick video demonstration of the updated grading system.

To access the Springboard test system, visit:

For more information on the 9.2 D2L upgrade, please visit:

Jacob Bane
Graduate Assistant Design and Development Services