Did you know Springboard is now easier to access from your mobile device? Desire2Learn recently updated their mobile viewing experience to D2L2Go. In order to access the new features, login to Springboard from your mobile device. Supported mobile devices include: iphone, itouch, android devices, and blackberry devices. The login page remains the same, yet once in the program, the interface has been updated for ease of use.

A welcome message, events and news can be seen from the main screen. A list of available courses can be found in the dropdown menu at the top of the page and more advanced features can be accessed through the tools button ().

The tools menu offers access to the content, news, bookmarks, grades, and calendar tools.

Why not use the new tools offered by D2L2Go today?

In future posts, I will look more in depth at some of the features of D2L2Go.

Jacob Bane
Graduate Assistant Design and Development Services

One Comment

  1. Justin says:

    Horrible on Droid! Hangs up the browser, causes force closures, and does not work pretty much at all.