The new version of Springboard (D2L 9.2) is coming and is set to become active on May 11th, but it is already active on our test system! That means that you can try out the new features now and help us ensure that they are fully functional before the upgrade to our production environment. One of the many new features that will be available—which is available right now in the test environment— are new release conditions.

The new release conditions will give you greater flexibility in the release of content, quizzes, etc. to your students. You will be able to more efficiently control which students may access course materials and when they may access them. The new release conditions that will be available are:

  • Under Classlist: Date of Enrollment in the Current Course
  • Under Quizzes: Score on Selected Questions and Score on Associated Rubrics

What’s in it for my students and me?

  • Allow students or groups of students to move at their own pace through the content and those struggling on particular assignments or questions will need to meet proficiency before moving on.
  • In a seminar course with rolling enrollment, allow groups of students to access materials at different times.

To view a video demonstration of the new release conditions, select the picture below.

To access the Springboard test system, visit:
For more information on the 9.2 D2L upgrade, please visit:

Jacob Bane
Graduate Assistant Design and Development Services